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My all-time favorite television show is The Office hands down. I was introduced to the show in the spring of 2012 by Paxton Biggs. I recall the night very distinctly because I had just enrolled at OU and was excited about this new coming chapter in my life.

The night I first watched The Office I was sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the living room of Tosha King’s house where lots of my friends lived at the time. This was in Norman, Oklahoma. My friends living there at the time were Tosha, Wes Hammons, Matt Denton, Ray King, and Paxton Biggs (kind of sort of).

So there I was laying on this blow up mattress when Paxton, who was on the couch, decided to turn The Office on for some casual entertainment as we fell asleep. I can still remember the exact opening scene of the very first episode I ever watched. I laughed so hard and was hooked immediately on the show.. The scene that I’m talking about is set in the conference room and Michael Scott is talking to his employees about some nonsense that they aren’t paying attention to, but Michael believes he really has their undivided attention because they are watching a television screen behind him. On this screen there is the bouncing cube that you would see if you left your DVD player untouched long enough. All the employees are in deep anticipation hoping this cube hits the very corner of the screen exactly. I feel like we can all relate to this…

Jim Halpert (a character on the show) does a great job explaining this:

So then and there my love for The Office was born. It seems silly to write about my emotional attachment to a TV show, but what people don’t understand is that The Office was there to shine a small light in some dark times of my life. I have watched the office roughly 25 or 30 times through. At one time, I couldn’t go to sleep if I wasn’t listening to the show..

Recently I came up with an idea to create a map that showed where each branch of  the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company was. I did some research to make sure I plotted every single branch that was ever mentioned in the show. Luckily there were a few good sources online that discussed each branch that was mentioned. They even provided what episode the branch was mentioned in which was pretty impressive.

This was a fun little project I completed, and I hope my fellow fans of The Office get a kick out of the map.




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