PollardGIS Executes Soft Launch

Pollard GIS Services has officially launched in a minimal capacity. Although I have greater visions for PGISS down the road, I believe it’s time I put this small business into operation.

For now, PGISS will offer aerial mapping and photography via drone technology as well as GIS solutions to a wide variety of companies and industries. This will be the manner of operations for 3 to 5 years. During this window of time we will be striving to accomplish goals that have been set forth by myself and my father, Brent  Pollard. Upon accomplishing these goals, managing situational changes, and measuring the overall success of PGISS, we will then assess the business and plan out new objectives and ambitions.

The reason PGISS will not be operating at full capacity is simply due to the time and circumstances surrounding the company. My father, the man who will likely take this bull by the horns once he retires, works at a large oil & gas company. The job he currently occupies is a prestigious one to say the least, and he has been working at x company for 27 years. Although it’s not 100% known when his retirement will come, it’s no secret that he will indeed retire one day relatively soon. Whether that’s 10 years from now or tomorrow, it’s unknown. As for me, I was fortunate enough and blessed to land my dream job at an incredible company. My day job is a dream come true and it has made the 5 years I spent in college well worth the time and all the headaches. This job will always come first and will always be my number one priority professionally. So for these reasons, PGISS just isn’t quite ready to become what it will be one day.

I wanted to write this blog to explain PGISS in a brief manner for those that are interested in what PGISS is and what we are setting out to do.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in any of our services, please share PGISS with them!

Thank you for your time and interest. It’s sincerely appreciated.

– Trent


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