All Realtors Need This..

I see it far too often.. “10 ACRES FOR SALE!” with a snapshot from Google Earth showing about where the property is located with some unofficial property boundaries drawn on the photo, likely using paint. I’m not being sarcastic, because I would do the same exact thing if I was attempting to sell some property without my current expertise..

1I’m writing this short blog because I want property owners,  real estate agents, and real estate companies to realize that it is incredibly simple and incredibly cheap to up your marketing game in this area. All you need to do is find a licensed drone pilot with some basic knowledge of GIS, tell them what property you want updated imagery for, and pay them when the job is done. With what I do, you wouldn’t just receive photos from a drone showing you the property, you’d receive a product similar to how google earth works. You can click, drag around, zoom in and out, and really see what the property looks like in the now. Imagine clicking on that “10 ACRES FOR SALE!” link and getting to look around the property in high resolution. That’s much more attractive than looking at a Google Earth snapshot, or even looking on Google Earth Pro!

It’s more than just up-to-date high resolution imagery though. If you had me go fly a property, you’d get the aerial, a digital elevation display, a 3D model, and a vegetation health display. It’d go something like this…

“Hi {x name}! I just finished processing your job request for {x property address} and it looks good! Here’s your link. You can share this link with whoever you’d like and they can see everything the way you can. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me! I just shot you an email with your invoice. Thank you so much!  – Trent”

If you’re interested in this kind of product, shoot me an email. Just put your name and email in the form below. I’d love to go fly for you. I keep it simple and convenient. I believe it should be super seamless for people to get this kind of product when they want it. I promote the idea of my customers shooting me a text when they want something flown. It should be THAT easy. (btw, that hyperlink takes you to an example property)



I am indeed a licensed drone pilot as well as a GIS professional. I’m based out of Claremore, Oklahoma and am willing to do projects pretty much anywhere in Eastern/Northeastern Oklahoma. I know there are people like me elsewhere too so please find them if you’re too far for me. I want to be able to look at land for sale in random places and actually be able to see the land that is for sale haha. People like myself who can pair drones with GIS with real estate agents could revolutionize what it’s like to look for property.



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